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May 2008

Here are some classic shots of a wall cloud formation that spawned a tornado just a couple miles from here. It dropped minutes after this video.
February 2008

This was the storm that hit Jackson, TN and leveled the school up there. Fast and vicious, there was no doubt this one was going to be bad.

April 2007

This storm looked like it was really getting with it coming in but fizzled just as it arrived.  Still some nice lightning shots.  

July 2003
This frisky storm struck fast and hard in the early hours of July 22nd.  Millions in damage, thousands without power, some for up to three weeks after the storm.  Officially there was no tornado.  All this damage done by straight line winds.  Never seen anything like it. 

April 2004

There was no doubt this one was coming.  It was advertising a lightning show a long ways off.  The air was so charged near the end of this video that I was getting static tingles off the metal tripod.  It was just too hot to risk my equipment's  electronics outside. 
May 2003

It was such a nice evening.  Not too hot, not a lot of bugs.  But when it moves in around here it moves in fast. 
Nov 2002

This front wasn't well developed at the time this video was taken, but by the time the night was over there were tornadoes and a surprising amount of destruction.
Nov 2001
Imagine being jolted out of bed at 2 am by this scene.  That'll really get your heart rate up in a hurry.  Like a scene from War of the Worlds.  Is this a storm or the end of the world?